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Worksheets For Buyers
  • Loan Payment Calculator-Thinking about getting a loan but don't know what your payment could be?  Fill out this worksheet to estimate your loan payment while also including estimates for property taxes and insurance.

  • Net Worth Calculation-Before you apply for a loan, you should complete this worksheet to evaluate your own creditworthiness.   Lenders will make this calculation; you should too in order to avoid surprises.

  • Cash Flow Calculation-This is another worksheet you should fill out to see where your cash comes from and goes to during the month. Lenders take a good look at this calculation too when deciding whether to give you the loan for your dream home.

  • Home Features You'd Like-Consult this worksheet to decide what features you'll look for as you try to find your dream home

  • Home Features You Don't Like-Use this worksheet to decide what features you'll try to avoid as you visit homes for sale.

  • Loan Review Checklist (pdf)-Trying to figure out which lender has the loan package you want? Use this comparison checklist to compare similar features among loan.
Worksheets For Sellers

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