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Home Features I Don't Want

It is as important to think about features you would not want in your next home as it is to think about features you'd like.  You would not want to buy a home and discover something awfully unpleasant about it that you could have avoided.  

Use this list to help you think about the things you don't want in a home you purchase. The list is not all-inclusive; add anything else that comes to mind.  Print out this page and keep it handy as you look for homes.

I don't want a home that...

Has windows on only one side
   of the home

Has windows on all sides

Doesn't have enough sunlight

Has too much sunlight

Has a small yard

Has a big yard to maintain

Has too few trees

Has too many trees

Is too far away from a city or town

Is too close to a city or town

Has a kitchen without windows

Has a bathroom without windows

Has a small kitchen

Has small bedrooms

Has no living room

Has a living/dining area

Has no den or family room

Has sub-optimal interior layout

Has too few telephone jacks

Requires additional telephone

Has too few electrical outlets

Has no grounded electrical outlets

Requires too many improvements

Requires too much maintenance

Requires any exterior maintenance

Has rules dictating how may I use
   or maintain my property

Is on a busy two-lane street

Is on a busy four lane street

Is too close to a commercial area

Is too close to an industrial area

Is too close to an airport

Is too close to train tracks

Is too close to a grade school

Is too close to a college campus

Other Items That Don't Appeal To Me
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