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Determine Your Net Worth

Use this page to determine your Net Worth, or what you own less what you owe on it. The list is not all-inclusive.  For additional items, sum them and place totals in the appropriate "Other" fields below.

This worksheet should be used as a companion to the Cash Flow worksheet. Both worksheets will help you check your financial health and gather information that a lender will require when taking a loan application.  Make sure you have documented evidence of all items you place on these worksheets.



Cash Short Term Debt
Checking Charge Card Balance
Savings Credit Card Balance
Money Market Alimony/Child Support Owed
Other Cash Annual Rent
Marketable Securities & Notes Long Term Debt
Certificates of Deposit Car Loans
Bonds School Loans
Mutual Funds Home Mortgage
Stocks Second Mortgage
Money Lent to Others Other Mortgages
Other Securities Other Debt
Personal Property at
    Current Market Value
Taxes You Owe
Cars, Boats, RVs Federal Taxes
Furniture State Taxes
Jewelry Local Taxes
Antiques Property Taxes
Equipment Other Taxes
Other Property
Retirement Assets Other Liabilities (describe)
Employer Retirement Plan
IRA Balance
Keough Plan Balance
Roth IRA
Other Funds
Other Assets (describe)
Total Assets Total Liabilities

Estimated Net Worth

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