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Determine Your Cash Flow

Use this page to determine how much you spend each month and on what you spend it.  This helps you understand how big a monthly mortgage payment you can make each month.  The list is not all-inclusive.  For additional items, sum them and place totals in the appropriate "Other" fields below.

The first portion of the worksheet tallies expenses that are more easily determined annually. The worksheet will automatically convert annual to monthly numbers for you. The second part of the worksheet tallies expenses that are more easily estimated monthly. The worksheet excludes rent or current home mortgage payments because this calculation determines what cash you have available to pay a mortgage or rent, not your cash flow after you pay it.

This worksheet should be used as a companion to the Net Worth worksheet.  Both worksheets will help you check your financial health and gather information that a lender will require when taking a loan application.  Make sure you have documented evidence of all items you place on these worksheets.

Annual Income

Bank Interest
Sale of Stock
Sale of Other Items You Own
Other Cash You Receive
Total Annual Income

Annual Expenses

Annual Social Security Tax (FICA)
Annual Medicare Tax
Annual Federal Income Tax
Annual State Income Tax
Annual Local Income Tax
Other Taxes
Auto Insurance
Health Insurance
Life Insurance
Disability Insurance
Other Insurance
Total Annual Expenses

Monthly Expenses

Car Repairs
Other Transportation Costs
Child Care
Child Support
School Tuition
Eating Out
Medical Bills
Credit Card Payments
Car Payments
Loan Payments (other than Home Mortgage)
Other Monthly Expenses
Total Monthly Expenses

Estimated Net Monthly Cash Flow

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