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Our listing process is comprised of four easy steps:

  • Obtaining a user ID and password for yourself at
  • Creating your listing
  • Choosing a listing package
  • Paying for your listing
User ID and Password
You can create your user ID before or after you input your listing.  We use SSL protection to ensure that your user ID is created securely (What does secure really mean?)

Creating Your Listing
You can input your listing right away, or you can print out an Adobe Acrobat® version of the input page, fill it out, and come back to enter your listing later.  It takes only a few minutes to input your listing if you prepare your information ahead of time.

You are responsible for the accuracy of the information that you provide.  Please be honest and accurate so that your potential buyers perceive you as a credible seller.

By using our site, you also agree to our Terms of Service.

Choosing a Listing Package
Once your listing is input, you'll choose from our list of services.  If you purchase a For Sale sign, your listing ID number will be printed on it.  If you purchase open house signs and have input your open house dates and times on your listing before we ship, dates and times will appear on your open house signs.

Paying for Your Listing
We take Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and checks. If you pay by credit card, your listing is searchable and your supplies are shipped as soon as your card number is approved. If you pay by check, your listing will not be searchable nor will we ship supplies until we receive your check.

Confirmation and Next Steps
After your payment is approved, you'll see a printable receipt on the screen and you'll also receive an e-mail receipt. Attached to the e-mail will be instructions on how to upload photos for your listing as well as some other useful tips as you begin marketing your home for sale.

We ship supplies within 48 hours of order receipt. Stockouts are rare, however, they may affect your order's shipment.   Depending upon your location, transit could take up to a week.

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