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Quick Search By Listing ID strives to create a positive on-line customer service experience for all our users.  Toward that end, we
  • provide information about our listing process so that you can make the best decision about whether you should use the service we offer
  • provide a detailed description of the service we offer
  • provide a sample listing so that you understand the basic format and information typical of an on-line listing
  • allow you to create and review your basic listing before purchasing it
In exchange for the wealth of information and opportunity we provide to educate you about our service, we expect that you will purchase our service only if you intend to use it and only if you are authorized to make the decision to use it.

We assume that at the time you input your payment information, you are a willing and rational purchaser and that you have read and understand our Terms of Service agreement.  As such, our policy is generally to decline refund requests except in unusual circumstances.  Those circumstances will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Before you consider our policy unnecessarily harsh, please recognize that most customer service problems can be solved without abandoning the transaction if dealt with quickly and fairly. Cancelled transactions do not bode well for our business, and they create unnecessary headache and foment bad feeling among our users. Our mission is to make our site and our customer service function as friendly and fair to all as possible.

If you do have problems with our service or the supplies you receive, please Contact Us, and we will do our utmost to make you a satisfied customer.  If we are unable to resolve your problem, we will gladly arrange for a refund.  If a refund is necessary, you can expect to receive it within two billing cycles of approval if you used a credit card.  If you paid by check, you can expect to receive a refund within 30 days of your request being approved.

Should you wish to contact us by phone or mail, our telephone numbers and address are listed on the Contact Us page.
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