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We Offer Mortgages in Fifty States
Via our relationship with Freedom Mortgage Corporation, we can find a loan that works for you no matter the situation.

Note that interest rates change daily, and sometimes mid-day. Use the rates below as a general guide, but understand that no rate is guaranteed until we have taken your application and locked a specific rate for you.

On owner-occupied home purchases, we charge a $300 processing fee payable at settlement; there are no other fees that we collect. You could incur other closing costs unrelated to our processing of your loan (see a list of those potential fees).

The rates below are for those with excellent credit.
  • Add .25-.75 (amount varies) to the rate if your credit score is fair or below, if you are borrowing more than 80% of the value of your home, or if you want a loan with less stringent documentation requirements.

  • These rates assume a 30 day interest rate lock period and no points paid. If you don't think you'll close on your new home within 30 days of the day we take your loan application, add $600 to your loan cost or .125 to the interest rate.

  • By law we must display the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for each rate listed. Read about what the APR means.

  • The rates below represent only a sample of the loan programs available. We also offer loans for investment purchases, but rates and fees may differ from those discussed here.  Contact us so that we can find a loan that will fit your specific needs
  • .
30 Year Fixed Less than $417,000      6.75
30 Year Fixed More than $417,000 7.125
Adjustable Rate Fixed for Five Years Less than $417,000 6.75
Adjustable Rate Fixed for Five Years More than $417,000 7.25
For ARMs, add .25 to the interest rate if you prefer an interest only payment
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